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Spring Clean-Up is Important!

With the arrival of more temperate weather, it's exciting to see what is coming up in the garden. It may seem like a good time to start buying flowers and spreading mulch. Take a step back and plan ample time for spring cleaning of your garden areas. Here are some important tasks:

Rake and remove leaves and debris

Here in the northeast, winter winds bring leaves and debris from all over the neighborhood. The most important reason to remove debris is that diseases, fungal spores and insects over-winter in garden debris. The powdery mildew you see on your black-eyed Susans, phlox and dogwoods may have stayed in your garden on remaining leaf litter.

Check health of trees and shrubs

While you are cleaning your garden, check for winter damage on trees and shrubs. This is a good time for pruning while plants are still dormant. Proper pruning of your trees and shrubs will help maintain health and vigor.

Look for overcrowding of plants

Many perennials benefit from lifting and dividing. As you notice early emergence of plants such as day lilies, hostas, irises, and sedum, a tight, overgrown clump will be your signal to lift and divide these plants. This helps with the health of the remaining plant and creates new plants for your garden or to give away to friends.

A good clean-up of your garden in the spring not only improves the appearance of the garden but also helps keep your garden healthy. Make time in your schedule for a proper clean-up and enjoy the warmth of the sun in early spring!

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